Who we are

Our success is based on family values, innovations and over 30-years of passion and experience in tomato's crop.

Our Family Company „Tomatoes from Peter and Margaret” was formed in 1988. Since then, the secret in successful tomato cultivation has been passed down from generation to generation.

Today, the greenhouses cover 9 hectares and are located in Warsaw region. In our cultivation efforts we remain true to the essence of a good tomato: taste.

To grow „Mniam” products, we choose to work with bumblebees to pollinate our crops, and with natural insect enemies instead of pesticides for crop protection. For irrigation we usehigh quality water equivalent to spring water from our own deep-water well.

Our commitment to providing only the highest quality products is demonstrated by our certification in accordance with the highest horticultural standards: GLOBALG.A.P.

We harvest tomatoes directly from the plants into boxes. „Mniam” product is usually available to our customers within twenty-four hours of being picked. That is why our tomatoes are bursting with the highest level of flavour.

Our Family Company „Tomatoes from Peter and Margaret” is well known for their true, authentic tomatoes that “taste like a tomato should taste”, therefore our motto is Mniam, mniam.

Tomatoes from Peter and Margaret are available both on the Polish market (Warsaw,Katowice, Kraków, Sandomierz) as well as on European markets (Great Britain, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Spain, Sweden).